How Does Invoice Factoring Work?

Invoice factoring is one of the best financing deals you can sign up for, especially if your enterprise has limited cash on-hand. But what is it all about? And how can it work to the advantage of your small shop or store? To find out the answers, join us as we consider what this small business-financing program is all about.

A Closer Look at Factoring

Factoring is one of the asset-based business financing methods that is gaining excellent reviews among industry experts and entrepreneurs, nowadays. After all, by simply selling the accounts receivables, or the unpaid invoices, of your commercial establishment; you can look forward to receiving instant cash, which you can then use in financing your urgent business requirements. But how much cash can you receive through invoice factoring?

According to recent studies, business owners, like you, can expect as much as 80% to 95% of the cash tied to their accounts receivables. The remaining 5% to 20% will be initially kept by the factoring agency, until your customers or clients settle their dues, in full. In case they fail to do so; then, the firm will have no choice but to use the balance to cover penalty charges.

How soon can you receive the cash you need? Some firms can provide you the funds within 24 hours from the time you set-up an account with them. Because of the ease and convenience with which you can get your hands on the cash your enterprise needs; more and more businessmen and women are taking advantage of this excellent financing option. Instead of waiting for their customers to settle their financial obligations; most of them decide to look for agencies, which can provide them instant cash.

Pointers for Small Business Owners

  • To receive the full value of your accounts receivables, we suggest you carefully consider the payment habits and history of your customers and clients, first. That way, you can soon realize which invoices should be submitted for invoicing and which accounts receivables must stay in your business records.
  • Use the proceeds of your factoring arrangement, wisely. Make sure that you will use the funds you will receive EXCLUSIVELY for financing your urgent business requirements, and not your personal or household expenses.
  • Be very careful when choosing the firm you wish to deal with. See to it that you will do business only with credible and legitimate firms, which possess accreditation from the federal or state government.

Looking for other business financing alternatives to boost your working capital? Then we advise you to try equipment leasing as well as business cash advance programs. To understand how they work, please click the link above.


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